• Scope of work

    Design & Build Contracting (turnkey)

  • Art Cafe And Juice Bar

    Area: 311 m2

    Location:  Hay Andalus - Tripoli, Libya

    Art Cafe is located in the center of the liveliest area in Tripoli the capital city of Libya,

    The design of this property is in a contemporary Modern artistic style, with the modern glass facades open/ covered roof terrace


    Some of the interior walls are covered in rustic white Greek stone and the floor in a light wooden texture.


    The idea of this café so far was the first and the only in this town, This café and juice bar was designed mainly for people who are creative such as writers, hand crafters, musicians, designers in general and arts fans, the concept of the semi-private in this café was to divide the place in a way to give privacy…to host multi groups in the same time for brainstorming gatherings, such as Arts student workshops and events, and enjoy contemporary art. All the materials used for this project are carefully selected, to reach the cozy environment, the paintings are mixed between modern and neoclassical styles, and the furniture design is modern styles, the illuminations was also wisely designed, by using both direct and indirect lights, spot lights, wall side hidden lights, ceiling hidden lights and chandeliers, and of course the natural lights.


    Also we had to study all the visitors’ behaviors either coming for arts or brainstorming hosting place or just visitors who would like to grab a coffee and talk.


    Evaluation FeedBack (from the client) = 100 %

    Basid on: Space Needs - Plans - Facade - Architect’s attitud, cooperation,  responsiveness  & overall performance.

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